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Ancient Alexandria, Egypt SIM 1st Visit

Here are a few pics from my first, and unfortunately very brief visit to the wonderfully created Ancient Alexandria SIM in Second Life. I love history and have visited Egypt and the Pyramids in real life, though I didn’t make it to Alexandria. One of my favourite things to do in Second Life is visit SIMs that recreate actual historical places and time periods, as I find this creatively inspiring and it shows how diverse cultures and art has been over the centuries and across borders.

In addition to th epics below here are more pics at my Flickr page.


Ancient Alexandria, Egypt SIM Second Life Temple

Being Yordie Sands

I began writing about Hosoi Ichiba for iRez salon about a month ago, it was the first of my Gemme Six articles.

There are many unique scenes in Amiryu Hosoi’s stylized trip into Japanese History, to the Edo period when the great wars had ended and peace came to the land. I can’t explain my fascination with Japanese culture but I know it is a fascination shared by many Westerners.

This morning the news from Hosoi turned bleak again and the sims of Hosoi Ichiba sim group moved one step closer to being closed. So, while the sun was still rising in the sky I visited this place that had been the center of my second life as I learned about Japan and its history.

Many times I tried to understand Ami’s vision for these sims, but it was Akiko Omizu who explained it best. Ami had created a slice…

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Places to Visit in Second Life List 1

This may not be the best use of my blog but I’m going to list some places I really want to visit in Second Life, as I keep forgetting to note down their names or SLURL’s! Also, if anyone has any more suggestions of cool, exotic and Photogenic places to visit in Second Life please let me know!

Second Life Website Photogenic SIM Spots Destination Guide Link


A paradise for SL shutterbugs, Fotoscope contains a variety of photo-friendly backdrops featuring individual, couple, and group poseballs so Residents can capture that perfect image for posterity in any situation.

Destination Guide Link | Map Link |


Thematic is a fantasy island filled with romance, secret gardens, a cemetery of ships and other exciting mysteries.

Destination Guide Link | Map Link |

United Kingdom of the Netherlands

Travel back in time to the year 1815 when King William I and Queen Wilhelmina ruled the Netherlands. The United Kingdom of the Netherlands offers historical role-play, En Garde tournaments and a complete wedding service fit for a King and Queen. There’s even a Cardinal to perform weddings, vow renewals or christenings.

Destination Guide Link | Map Link |

Angelwood Savage Garden Medieval Castle

Explore this medieval castle and its endless hidden rooms, underground caves, dungeons and waterfalls. Relax, cuddle, dance or mediate in these endless themed forest gardens. More info at

Destination Guide Link | Map Link |

Relaxation Virtual Style

I always find it very strange and surreal that I can often feel more relaxed visiting a nature SIM in Second Life than from anything around me in real life. Sometimes when I just want to get away form it all and unwind, or clear my head from all the confusing and contradictory voices in it, I can find no better solace than strolling through a virtually created metapark full of vibrant, soothing flowers and the sounds of water flowing over virtual rocks. I love Japanese Zens gardens and I get that same feeling from some really well built SIMs in second life, like the Noweeta Grasslands Sim that I visited the other week (picture below).

I love technology and computing and even though I often get frustrated by too much time with a keyboard and monitor, I find it more refreshing to log into Second Life an d stroll around an SL nature SIM, rather than wander into my Real Life back garden, with it’s overgrown lawn that desperately needs mowing, and leaking garage roof and broken wooden shed! In SL there are no sheds for me to fix, just sunshine at the click of a button!

Raza Lane Relaxing in Noweeta Grassland Second Life SIM



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