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SL Links

I’m building a website to list my favourite SL places and SL related websites and places I want to visit but until then here’s a that list in a simple web available format!

Cool Second Life Destinations/ Places

  1. Al Kairouwan Souk (Open Market)

  2. Moscow Island
  3. Quadrapop Lane’s Retrospective
  4. Burn 2 Site and Temple
  5. Ancient Egypt in SL
  6. Rua underwater islands
  7. Ethereal
  8. Graves Clothing – Latex/ Metal Apparel

Cool Second Life Adult Destinations/ Places

  1. Toys Brothel

Cool Second Life Related Websites

  1. Second Life – Official Website
  2. SL Marketplace
  3. 2nd Hub – Social Network for Second Life Avatars
  4. SL Profiles – Bringing 1st Life and Second Life Together – Social Network
  5. Moolto – Social Network for Avatars
  6. Koinup
  7. Second Life on Facebook
  8. Second Life Flickr Photo Group
  9. Raza Lane Flickr Photos
  10. Raza Lane Second Life Twitter List – SL Peeps I follow on Twitter

Cool Second Life Blogs

  1. Daniel Voyager’s blog
  2. The Microcosm of Ms. Skylar Smythe
  3. Fashion 360 – Arcadia Nightfire’s Blog
  4. Avatars in Wonderland – Charlanna Beresford’s Blog
  5. New World Notes
  6. Magdalena Siemens Blog
  7. Botgirl’s Identity Circus
  8. Dahlia’s Second Life

Second Life Adult Blogs/ Websites

  1. Magdalena Siemens adult blog
  2. Sex and
  3. Slayerbabes blog
  4. Em and Lil Studios Blog
  5. Emmanuelle Jameson’s Second Life
  6. SL Porn Tube
  7. Naughty Machinima
  8. Toy Slaves Brothel – Website for SL Club
  9. Serenity and Arwen Pornstar Files
  10. Sheraka’s Pixel Porn – Blog
  11. Quinn Ying’s Blog
  12. Ann Stoop’s Ramblings
  13. Busty Bimbo Babe – Aurora Bentham’s Blog
  14. Dirty Little Girl – Moon’s Blog

Many More Links to come!

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