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The Adventures of Lost Latex Raza Begin

Agent Raza Lane Lost in Latex in Frenetic Jungle

Agent Raza Lane remembered being hit across the back of his neck with what seemed like a cold, blunt, metal object, and he could still feel the lingering pain as he stroked the awkward bump at the top of his back. His vision was still blurry but he could make out lots of green lines swaying from side to side with pockets of purple dots amongst them. Everything else looked like a mass of fuzzy blue grey mist.

He was finding it difficult to breathe and attempted to control his breathing before making any effort to get up and see where the hell he was. His heart was still racing, even though what he could make out from his surroundings seemed to be very calm and serene. He couldn’t hear any voices and though he couldn’t feel much, except for his racing heart, panting breathe and the pain in his neck, he could feel that he was very much alone.

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Role Playing and Real Life

RomanRazaI have been under a lot of stress and pressure in real life lately and I have been trying to find more positive and healthy long term ways of coping with pressure and stress in life than the traditional way I dealt with it in the past, which was to suppress my feelings and push them deep inside my unconscious mind, where they have sweltered for the past 33 years, and then mask how I felt in the real world. The last few years of trying to open up to understand who I really am and what I really feel and think and want from life, and not live other people’s vision of my life should be, have been hard but a fascinating journey. Though I have not had much time to spare for exploring myself and the creativity of other’s in Second Life, whenever I do go there it does help me on my journey to find out who I truly am and what truly stimulates me and energizes me.

A good example of this is what happened today. I was surrounded by real life mess and paperwork in my study at home and I’ve been exhausted from al the pressures of real life with all it’s real life issues such as money, relationships, things always breaking at home! I should have been working but I logged into Second Life, and after crashing a few time SL finally managed to find a SIM that accepted me! That became too laggy so I thought I’d finally go and buy the new male hair I desperately needed, after a freak and seemingly irreversible accident with my original hair.

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