The Adventures of Lost Latex Raza Begin

Agent Raza Lane Lost in Latex in Frenetic Jungle

Agent Raza Lane remembered being hit across the back of his neck with what seemed like a cold, blunt, metal object, and he could still feel the lingering pain as he stroked the awkward bump at the top of his back. His vision was still blurry but he could make out lots of green lines swaying from side to side with pockets of purple dots amongst them. Everything else looked like a mass of fuzzy blue grey mist.

He was finding it difficult to breathe and attempted to control his breathing before making any effort to get up and see where the hell he was. His heart was still racing, even though what he could make out from his surroundings seemed to be very calm and serene. He couldn’t hear any voices and though he couldn’t feel much, except for his racing heart, panting breathe and the pain in his neck, he could feel that he was very much alone.

As he closed his eyes he practised a calming exercise he had learnt in a stress management class taught in. Hmmm, he knew the exercise and what he must do, but when he tried to remember where he had learnt it he drew a blank. He ignored this minor lapse of memory and began the relaxation exercise. Soon his breathing began to slow. Long deep breaths, take control of the situation. You’re alright, everything’s OK.

However he had learnt the exercise, and whomever had taught it to him, it had worked. When he opened his eyes again he could see everything crystal clear before him. The swaying blurry green objects were tall, fresh bamboo stalks and the purple dots where beautiful exotic flowers. He looked down and saw that he was wearing a shiny, black, tight fitting latex body suit. He also had a thin, white sheet of silk wrapped around him like a toga and he felt  something wa son his back. He tried to turn around to see what it was and get up at the same time but his legs were still too heavy and numb. He exerted as much pressure a she could muster but it was no good. Whatever had knocked him into this perplexing situation had injured him more than he had guessed.

sitting numb and the carpet of green jungle grass Agent Raza wondered how on earth he had ended up here and where he was before. He couldn’t remember. All he could remember was that his name was Agent Raza and that he had definitely not been here, in this lush, green Jungle of Bamboo and exotic Purple plants when he was struck on the back of the neck by most likely a lead pipe. He felt as if he had been somewhere very cold and ark. He tried desperately to focus and remember more but it was all a blank.

Agent Raza.

That’s all he knew. Is that who I am? Agent Raza. Agent Raza what? What’s my surname? I knew I must have a surname, even though I couldn’t remember it.  And what was I an agent of? Why was I wearing this uncomfortable latex suit that was sticking to my body and making me feel hot and bothered? How did I end up with a toga on it? Who am I?

That last thought scared him in to sudden shock. He thought back to his childhood and drew a complete blank. He couldn’t remember anything, Not yesterday, not last week, not last year. Who did he work for? Was he in a fight? If so why did he end here in this Eden like jungle, all alone and without his memory.

All this inner confusion of lost thoughts,  combined with the throbbing, dull pain is his legs and neck, was making him feel exhausted and he closed his eyes again. Little did he know that he wouldn’t open them for another 2 days, and when he would there would be an even greater surprise waiting for him.

Lost Latex Raz

About Raza Lane

Second Life Avatar from London, UK. Friendly, easy going, relaxed. Into Web Design, Virtual Worlds, Photography, Food, History, Art, Architecture, Films and general random inetrnet exploration.

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