SL Destinations

Cool Second Life Places



  1. Kingdom Of Sand

Forests, Meadows & Rolling Hills

  1. Tempura Island
  2. Chakryn Forest
  3. Finlandia


  1. Frenetic Jungle


  1. Butterfly Beach
  2. Pacifique

Water/ Underwater based SIMs

  1. Cave Rua underwater Gardens/ Islands


  1. Da Vinci Gardens
  2. Garden of Dreams
  3. Botanical @ Straylight
  4. Aero Pines Park
  5. The Garden on the Seven Veils

Urban/ Cities

Ancient/ Historical Cities

  1. Ancient Alexandria, Egypt
  2. Al Kairouwan Souk (Open Market)
  3. Matsumoto Japanese Edo Castle – Chubu

Futuristic City SIMS

  1. Pteron

Modern City SIMs

  1. Moscow Island
  2. New Berlin
  3. London in SL

Castles & Ruins

  1. Lost World



  1. Quadrapop Lane’s Retrospective
  2. Burn 2 Site and Temple
  3. Ethereal


  1. Deranged

Winter Attractions

  1. Snowball Fight

Many More Links to come!

  1. I hope you’ll come to toy slaves Brothel and pay me a visit

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