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SL Burn 2 2013

I always feel much better about RL when I have spent a lot of time in SL.

When you step back it seems strange that wandering around lots of imaginatively meshed together pixels using the up arrow key on your keyboard can have such a real and meaningful connection with you in RL but it can.

Whenever I visit a SIM that transports me fully to another world away from the stuffy confines of my claustrophobic study or connect with another very real person in SL I feel alive. I have always had an overactive imagination and as much as I have tried to suppress it, in order to conform to standards for a lifestyle I was supposed to follow according to those who brought me up, I never quite could. Letting my imagination get taken in a myriad of diverse directions by the wondrous creations SL has to offer fires me up. It makes me feel truly alive. Very few things in RL make me feel this way, and the more limited my RL options seems to get, the more open ended possibilities SL seems to offer.

SL is not perfect and I always worry about it ending like the best of my dreams always do, but as long as it is still going and being pushed further by creative and magical people I will always have somewhere to go and fill my cup of imagination hope.

That said, I have been visiting the Burn 2 2013 SIM this week and have so far managed to learn how to Dance whilst gyrating with a flaming Hula Hoop around my waist and I nearly got eaten by a large Luminescent Jelly Fish.

I highly recommend taking the Hot Air Balloon Tour in the SIM as there are so many wonderful things to see, it’s almost overwhelming. With the Tour you get a quick glimpse of things you can go and immerse yourself in later.

I’m planning to go back to day and check out the large Snake Temple and get myself some SL snakes to add to my flaming hula hoop.

Happy exploring!

Link to Burn 2 official website.

My Burn 2 visit Flickr Pics.

Official Burn 2 Flickr Page

Flying in my Flaming Hula Hoop at the Burn 2 2013 Greeter Gate

Flying in my Flaming Hula Hoop at the Burn 2 2013 Greeter Gate

View from the entrance to the Burn 2 2013 Temple

View from the entrance to the Burn 2 2013 Temple

The Jellyfish that wanted to eat me

The Jellyfish that wanted to eat me

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