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Relaxation Virtual Style

I always find it very strange and surreal that I can often feel more relaxed visiting a nature SIM in Second Life than from anything around me in real life. Sometimes when I just want to get away form it all and unwind, or clear my head from all the confusing and contradictory voices in it, I can find no better solace than strolling through a virtually created metapark full of vibrant, soothing flowers and the sounds of water flowing over virtual rocks. I love Japanese Zens gardens and I get that same feeling from some really well built SIMs in second life, like the Noweeta Grasslands Sim that I visited the other week (picture below).

I love technology and computing and even though I often get frustrated by too much time with a keyboard and monitor, I find it more refreshing to log into Second Life an d stroll around an SL nature SIM, rather than wander into my Real Life back garden, with it’s overgrown lawn that desperately needs mowing, and leaking garage roof and broken wooden shed! In SL there are no sheds for me to fix, just sunshine at the click of a button!

Raza Lane Relaxing in Noweeta Grassland Second Life SIM



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