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Raza’s 8th Rez Day

Today is my 8th Rez Day in Second Life.

It feels poignant as I haven’t been able to log into SL or attend any events or activities in SL so far this year (2015). The older I get the less time I have in SL, but the more I yearn to spend even more time in SL and get more involved.

I want to learn to build, not just prims but mesh, and get into 3D Modelling and using Blender and Maya. I want to have fun exploring whatever creativity I may have locked deep inside me. I want to explore all those places in SL that I put in my excel file list, before they close down or the list becomes overwhelming. I want to spend more time with the cool people I have met in SL and who inspire me to delve deeper into different sides of my personality that I don’t get a chance to engage with in Real Life. Yet real life has taken over in a big way and I lack the time and space to engage with SL as much as I want to and I feel is necessary to get the most out of it. Like many things, especially creative endeavours, the more you put in the more you get out. I haven’t put anything in this year and I miss what I could get back.

I was trying to think of an image that would sum up 8 years in SL best. All I could come up with was a screen print of my My Second Life About page. I always found it hard to summarise who I am and what I wanted form Second Life in a small space on the profile page. SL has so much to offer in such diverse fields of interest. that is it’s main attraction for me. I am glad SL is still around 8 years after I joined it. The rise of Virtual Reality headsets like the Oculus Rift bring fascinating possibilities for the future of SL and I really want to be a part of that.

Once the dust has settled on the lastest chapter of chaos in my Real Life I hope to be able to jump back into the vibrant world of SL with it’s wondrous creations and people. Hopefully I can give Raza Lane the chance he deserves to develop in SL and spread his wings.


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