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Long Time No Blog

Real Life, or RL as it is known in Second Life, has always got in the way of my enjoyment, in terms of fulfilling my sensory needs.

Never more so than in the last 6 months. Family tragedies, deaths, illnesses, money problems, work problems, general boring life stuff have all played their part in keeping me away form the fun times in SL. Not so in the last few days. I thought I might have bored of SL and the instant pleasure it once gave me. Nothing could be further from the truth. Having revisited my favourite old haunt in SL, The Fantasy Ranch, I managed to have that inner wonderment rekindled once more by a fair few vivacious ladies. In just a matter of hours I was back in the swing of exploring my inner desires and immersing myself in a world far more attuned to my tastes than the real one I inhabit. This experience made me yearn for more and I have made a concerted effort to log onto SL as much as I can in the last few days. Maybe SL will one day be available on the iPad or even an iPhone and I Can get my “hit” when I really need it.

In the mean time I am just grateful for the simple pleasures in life, like the girls of the Fantasy Ranch. They know how to excite the yearning lust that lies lost deep within me. All I have to say is that Virtual sex, when it manages to tap into the deeply suppressed inner pysche of an SL Player, can never be underrated.

My Recent SL Adventures in Picture form

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