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The Adventures of Lost Latex Raza Begin

Agent Raza Lane Lost in Latex in Frenetic Jungle

Agent Raza Lane remembered being hit across the back of his neck with what seemed like a cold, blunt, metal object, and he could still feel the lingering pain as he stroked the awkward bump at the top of his back. His vision was still blurry but he could make out lots of green lines swaying from side to side with pockets of purple dots amongst them. Everything else looked like a mass of fuzzy blue grey mist.

He was finding it difficult to breathe and attempted to control his breathing before making any effort to get up and see where the hell he was. His heart was still racing, even though what he could make out from his surroundings seemed to be very calm and serene. He couldn’t hear any voices and though he couldn’t feel much, except for his racing heart, panting breathe and the pain in his neck, he could feel that he was very much alone.

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