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7th Rez Day in Second Life

Today is my 7th Rez Day in Second Life. Yes, I can’t believe I made it this far. Even after 7 years, SL still has a great deal of power to pull me back in. There is so much I have not seen or experienced there. It just keeps getting better, and I just want to immerse myself in it more and more. Where else can you become a Werewolf and buy a TARDIS? I’ve been scuba diving into magical, underwater realms and become a Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt. It is the one place I can set my imagination free and not get strange looks.

To mark this date, that has got me so excited, I plan to visit at least 7 SIMs in Second Life that I have not yet been to. I also plan to complete Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme for this week – The Sexual Meme.

Anyway I managed to trawl through my hard drive and find this gem of a snapshot from way back in 2007, the year I joined Second Life (on a whim after reading about it in a BBC On line news article).

Raza Lane in 2007 and 2014

Raza Lane in 2007 and 2014


Paradise Lost Premiere Announced – Tickets on Sale now!

Canary Beck

Paradise Lost MP Listing Image


March 5, 2014 – The Basilique Performing Arts Company today announced the most anticipated theatrical event of the year: Paradise Lost in Second Life will premiere on Saturday, April 5, at 13:00 SLT.

Tickets for this – and every – performance are limited to 40 and the Company predicts that tickets will sell out swiftly. Tickets are available on the Second Life Marketplace for L$1000 a seat on a first come first served basis. Half of all ticket sales will be donated to the WWF Adopt-A-Gorilla Program.

Tickets are also now available for every show in the Premiere Season – 12 performances – running from April 12th through June 21st.

All ticket holders to the Premiere event are invited to the Red Carpet Event, where they can meet and greet the cast and take part in photo opportunities starting from 11:00 SLT.


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Secondlife on Tablets – SL Go by OnLive

If ever there was a reason for me to go out and buy an Android tablet, this is it. Second Life on a mobile device.

I actually own an Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet, but that uses a version of Android that is customized by Amazon, So that you can only use apps downloaded via the Amazon App Store, not Google play. I will have to check if the SL Go Live app is available for Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets too.

Regardless of my Tablet conundrums, this is very exciting stuff. With all the news about the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset and Second Life, and now this new way to log inworld via a Tablet, the world of Second Life is getting even more exciting and than it already is. Being abel to access SL from and using many different methods can only be a good thing to enhance our immerse experience.

The SL Go app renders all your SL avatars and stuff on their super servers and just sends the results to the Tablet, so in many instances so activities have apparently run faster on the tablet than a desktop. I haven’t tried it out yet but here are some links to some Top SL Bloggers who have already tried it out on their Android Tablets. There are some great screenshots and descriptions of the experience. I can’t wait to try it out.

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