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Raza Lane’s Days Off

I am supposed to be working today.

I resigned from my job on New Year’s eve 2010 and my last day is next Monday 31st January 2011.

This job was a 3 month contract role which I had no desire to take as the commute was far too long and cumbersome. I relented however, due to the state of the economy and my personal finances and have ended up being there for a year. The hours got so long I had no time to even exercise, cook or get a decent night’s sleep let alone have fun, relax, unwind, see friends, watch movies, read, write, do any web design, or most importantly log into Second Life and explore the ever growing world I enjoy so much.

I am nearly 4 year sold in SL and hardly spend any time there anymore. Well, that was until last week that is. Given that my employers are an evil, greedy, soul destroying multinational corporation hell bent on bleeding me and my skills dry before I leave, I decided to pull a sick day and chill at home in front of my PC and finally catch up with the Second Life world I miss so much. I ended up digressing and immersing myself in all the amazing and creative Flickr pics form SL but I did manage to log back onto SL and visit some great SIMs such as the London SIM and the wonderful Al Andalus SIM which recreates parts of the gorgeous Alhambra in Granada, Spain. The more I became engaged and excited by delving back into the ethereal world of Second Life, that seems more real to me than the illusory number crunching world of the so called Real Life rat race, the more days I took off work. I have only 3 days left and have no desire to go back as I really want to focus on learning to build and star building some interesting gardens and building s in SL.

I will have to get another job son though and this thought depresses me so much that I distract myself in a whirlwind of avoidance by looking through more SL Screen shots in Flickr and compiling a list of must see places in SL. When reality hits me it will be a mighty thump I feel!

If onyl SL could be access on theiPhone.

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