Places to Visit in Second Life List 1

This may not be the best use of my blog but I’m going to list some places I really want to visit in Second Life, as I keep forgetting to note down their names or SLURL’s! Also, if anyone has any more suggestions of cool, exotic and Photogenic places to visit in Second Life please let me know!

Second Life Website Photogenic SIM Spots Destination Guide Link


A paradise for SL shutterbugs, Fotoscope contains a variety of photo-friendly backdrops featuring individual, couple, and group poseballs so Residents can capture that perfect image for posterity in any situation.

Destination Guide Link | Map Link |


Thematic is a fantasy island filled with romance, secret gardens, a cemetery of ships and other exciting mysteries.

Destination Guide Link | Map Link |

United Kingdom of the Netherlands

Travel back in time to the year 1815 when King William I and Queen Wilhelmina ruled the Netherlands. The United Kingdom of the Netherlands offers historical role-play, En Garde tournaments and a complete wedding service fit for a King and Queen. There’s even a Cardinal to perform weddings, vow renewals or christenings.

Destination Guide Link | Map Link |

Angelwood Savage Garden Medieval Castle

Explore this medieval castle and its endless hidden rooms, underground caves, dungeons and waterfalls. Relax, cuddle, dance or mediate in these endless themed forest gardens. More info at

Destination Guide Link | Map Link |

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