Ancient Alexandria, Egypt SIM 1st Visit

Here are a few pics from my first, and unfortunately very brief visit to the wonderfully created Ancient Alexandria SIM in Second Life. I love history and have visited Egypt and the Pyramids in real life, though I didn’t make it to Alexandria. One of my favourite things to do in Second Life is visit SIMs that recreate actual historical places and time periods, as I find this creatively inspiring and it shows how diverse cultures and art has been over the centuries and across borders.

In addition to th epics below here are more pics at my Flickr page.


Ancient Alexandria, Egypt SIM Second Life Temple

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Second Life Avatar from London, UK. Friendly, easy going, relaxed. Into Web Design, Virtual Worlds, Photography, Food, History, Art, Architecture, Films and general random inetrnet exploration.

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  1. Very cool, Raza. This looks like a destination I must visit.

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