New Year, New Challenges

2013 was a year where many things changed and many others didn’t. One thing that I had wanted to change, but didn’t, was my lack of time spent in Second Life.

The more time I spend away from SL the more I miss it. The more it evolves and moves on and when I do eventually return I feel left behind. Many friends have long since disappeared. The technologies get more advanced. The gap between me having the skill set of a newbie and my actual SL age of nearly 8 years gets more embarrassing. Seriously, how many 8 year old SL avies are there who still can’t build (or work out how many scripts they are running!). Yet I still feel the pull of Second Life, as a place of refuge for me.

I find escaping to Second Life very therapeutic. My life is always full of high drama and stress, no matter what I do to try and reduce this things (one of the bad things that didn’t change!) I have tried to pull myself away from bad old habits that helped numb my RL pain and keep me functioning in RL, vices that enabled me to keep going but were destructive in other ways. SL always seemed liek a positive “drug” that helped me recharge my emotional batteries but also stimulated parts of me that were yearning to be noticed and fed.

Anyway I find myself at the start of another year, and with high hopes of actually getting down to spending real quality time in SL. Regular time, where I can build up my skills and explore all those SIMs I landmarked to visit at a later date that never seems to come. Regular time where i can hopefully build up new, meaningful SL friendships, and maybe rekindle some old ones. I bought 2 plots of adjoining beach front land in SL at the end of last year, and that is the hook I;’m using to try and keep me linked into SL. It would be easy to leave and write it all off. Give up and give in to stressful, crushing RL.

Not yet though. No. 2014 must be the year of positive change. 2013 was the year I rediscovered my love of Doctor Who, another form of escapism that fires my imagination and makes me feel alive. 2014 will be the year I rediscover my love of SL.


About Raza Lane

Second Life Avatar from London, UK. Friendly, easy going, relaxed. Into Web Design, Virtual Worlds, Photography, Food, History, Art, Architecture, Films and general random inetrnet exploration.

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  1. Hello Raza, it’s nice to hear from you again. I saw you around the sim the other day but was in the middle of choreography so couldn’t get away. Anyway, you’re most welcome to stop by and say hello anytime, always nice to see your friendly face.

    • Hey Becky. Many Thanks for the really kind comment! I really appreciate it. Sorry I haven;t been able to make any of the R+J shows so far. I have tried but I usually can’t log inworld at those times! I’m still hopeful I’ll get a chance though, or maybe for Paradise Lost, which looks like it will be fantastic. Anyway I do miss visiting the SIM and will try and pop back soon. Happy New Year and hopefully see you soon. Thanks again. take care. Raza

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