Order and disorder

This is my first post of 2013, so Happy New Year (14 days late!) to anyone who is still reading my blog!

It has been a logn time since I updated this blog, and even longer since I have been in Second Life.

I logged back in last week, for the first time this year, and my avatar was dressed as Frankenstein and was bumping into all the mess left scattered on the floor of my small virtual home. I’m trying to introduce some tidiness and order into my real life and it seems time to do the same for my second life.

Realising that the last time I was inworld must have been Halloween made me feel sad and disappointed. Second Life has so much to offer and I always enjoy my travels and time inworld, but the firefighting disordered way my life seems to exist in has meant I rarely get the opportunity to spend time inworld. When I do find myself inworld, it often seems I end up wasting a lot of that precious time.

I tell myself that Efficiency is the key, though I also think being too efficient takes the soul and sense of excitement and adventure out of a lot of life. There are lots of places in SL I am desperate to visit. The main idea of this blog was to be an archive of lists of destinations i came across and wanted to visit. That way, having them listed online in a central place, I thought i’d traverse the metaverse like Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise, boldly going where i had never been before inworld. That doesn’t seem to have happened.

So my cunning plan is to allocate 1 hour every day, in the morning before work, to log into Second Life and visit somewhere new. An hour is not a long time, especially if the SIM is as exotic and creatively built as most I have had the luck to visit. Yet I hope the breadth of my travels inworld will help me reconnect to Second Life and the sens eof wonder and imaginative stimulation it has always given me.

Staring out of my study window here in London, UK, it is dark, grey, damp and cold. On a day liek this, surrounded by concrete highways and boring Tudor style brick houses that all look the same and make me feel claustrophobic, I yearn to be in a meadow or watch the sunset on a wide open beach. SL really does inspire me and help me get through the long dark days and I think I need to accept that and make more effort to jump back in.

Hopefully I’ll have some cool picture of my travels to share on this blog too! And hopefully my plan won’t get pushed aside by the tumult of real life again.

Wish me luck.



About Raza Lane

Second Life Avatar from London, UK. Friendly, easy going, relaxed. Into Web Design, Virtual Worlds, Photography, Food, History, Art, Architecture, Films and general random inetrnet exploration.

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